Home Owners can reduce energy loss by minimizing  the air leaks in your home.  Warm air leaking into the home in the summer, or warm air leaking out of the home in the winter create much of energy loss in our country.  Sealing the leaks in the home can increase the comfort in your home, eliminate or reduce the pollen/dust/insects that may enter the house, better humidity control.


Our goal is to elimate the air leakage by performing services that seal the house.  A BPI Certified Energy Expert may perform an Energy Assessment to determine where your home may be leaking, along with how much air is leaking throughout the house. 


The following are many of the areas we focus on to eliminate infiltrated areas around the house:

  •      walls
  •      ceilings
  •      stove-top ventilation
  •      skylights
  •      window/door frames
  •      attic access
  •      ducts
  •      plumbing
  •      electric outlets
  •      light switches
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