Radiant Barrier is a great, cost-effective way for home owners to save energy throughout their home.  Your home reacts to the sun in one of two ways. It absorbs it or it reflects it. Radiant barrier insulation protects your home and reduces your energy by increasing your homes ability to reflect the sun’s energy.  Specifically, Radiant Barrier reflects the radiant heat from entering the attic.  The reflective surface of the aluminum inhibit radiation heat transfer.  Without a Radiant Barrier System, the radiant heat will enter the attic, being absorbed by the insulation, and eventually transferred into the interior of the home. 


Did we mention that radiant barrier insulation is one of the safest types of insulation to install in your home! Feel the difference! 


Call or email NECS to get your radiant barrier estimate.  We offer free home insulation assessments to ensure you get the perfect insulation you need to start saving money on your energy bills.


Summertime Benefits:  A Radiant Barrier System can stop 97% of the termal radiation across an attic space.  

Wintertime Benefits:     A Radiant Barrier System can stop 75% of the home's radiant heat loss moving through the attic space.


Benefits of Radiant Barrier Insulation: 

  •          Reduce energy costs
  •          Increased protection from sun’s heat keeping your home cooler in summer
  •            Lowers Radiant Heat Loss keeping the heat inside the home in the winter
  •          Requires no maintenance
  •          Protection against fungi and bacteria growth and insect damage
  •          Meets fire and safety requirements of most federal, state and local building codes


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